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    Ace Hardware - The helpful place.

    We are your local hardware store and we are a part of your community. 
    Ace Hardware was launched in the Maldives on 15 December 2011 in partnership with Ace International, Chicago, USA, and subsequently,
    ACE HARDWARE AND HOME CENTRE’s first store was opened in Male’, the capital city, on 20 December 2011. At the completion of successful two years, a second store was opened for business on 19 December 2013.

    Founded in 1924 by a small group of Chicago hardware store owners, Ace changed the retail landscape by allowing individual stores to purchase merchandise in bulk to save money and buy at the lowest possible price. This partnership enabled even the smaller stores to compete effectively at retail despite larger stores in their market.  

    Within this partnership, ACE HARDWARE AND HOME CENTRE store in Male' is owned and managed independently by Co-Load Maldives Private Limited, a hardworking business owner that is passionate about working for the betterment of the community.  

    Ace stores in the USA and around the world come in all sizes and shapes - small, urban stores, large rural stores and everything in between. Ace stores offer a wide variety of hardware and fix-and-replace type products, as well as niche items and services relevant to the local community. And of course, every Ace store offers friendly, expert advice and service whether you are hunting for a special tool or looking for help with a particular project. Ace store owners take pride in the time and effort they put into making their stores the most helpful hardware stores by providing quality and affordable products, and delivering helpful service and solutions by their well-trained staff.  

    The moment you walk in the door, you will know why we are Ace, The Helpful Place.

    Co-Load Maldives Pvt. Ltd in partnership with ACE international, Chicago, USA.

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